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About Us

Prestige Property Management Team

PRESTIGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC. was founded in 1979. We personally oversee the day to day management of over 400 properties and communicate with each Owner regarding all aspects of their property. We currently employ 12 highly qualified professionals and pride ourselves in courteous, prompt and accurate service.

We provide professional services in all phases of property management as well as building and grounds maintenance. We specialize in single family homes. As a full service property management company, we represent the owner in all actions arising out of day-to-day operations of the property. This includes, but is not limited to advertising, leasing, record keeping, accounting of funds, periodic inspections, and responding to tenant needs. We also represent the owner in any court action required to insure provisions of the rental agreement are adhered to by the tenant.

Thoroughly qualifying tenants is of primary concern as we consider it to be one of the major keys to good management. We diligently pursue all avenues to insure any action requiring owner’s expenditures is thoroughly investigated and all alternatives are expertly analyzed before requesting or allocating funds. In addition to providing quicker response time, our in-house maintenance staff reduces maintenance costs as compared to commercial vendors. This saves money and increases tenant goodwill, resulting in less vacancy loss.

Monthly accounting statements are provided to the owner with annotations for extraordinary expenses. Complete analysis and recommendations are provided in the event that prior approval is required by the owner for any work.

is committed to meeting your needs with our professional staff and offers a complete range of services.